Welcome to Invicta Fencing Academy

Invicta Fencing Sword

At Invicta Fencing Academy we want you to have fun becoming the Musketeer, Dread Pirate, or Girl-Without-A-Name that you’ve always wanted to be!

Learn to Fence

Fencing is our passion (some have called it an obsession)

If you have the desire to learn to fence, then fence you shall!
While you won’t be a sword master immediately, we can promise that you will learn some pretty cool things and meet some pretty cool people.

We love welcoming new students to our school and look forward to crossing swords with you soon.

Invicta Weaponry - A dagger in hand


Chris and Tim Fencing outside with Invicta banner behind


Invicta Fencing - A collection of fencing items arranged on wooden boxes
Invicta Weaponry - Dual two-handed greatswords


Invicta Weaponry - A sword and buckler


Invicta Fencing Academy - Head Coach Timothy Davissen is dressed to impress in the historical student uniform