About Us

Invicta Fencing Academy is a family owned and run business born from a shared love of fencing and a desire to share that love with anyone who wants to learn! It is our mission to ensure that anyone and everyone who wants to learn how to fence has the opportunity to do so. We want all our students to feel welcome and encouraged to enjoy the sport of fencing.  We aim to always work with our students to determine the aspects of their hobby that they find most enjoyable, and from there, tailor our approach to the individual.

Social & Fun

For those students who find the most enjoyment in being a part of the social fabric of the school, and wish to engage in Exhibition fencing for enjoyment and camaraderie with their peers, Invicta seeks to provide a welcoming environment where students are encouraged to learn at their own pace.

Knowledge & Mastery

For those who seek knowledge and a deeper understanding of the Renaissance fencing manuals and treatises, Invicta commits itself to providing high-quality instruction of techniques that have been researched and developed by instructors whose passion is the delivery of an authentic historical fencing syllabus.


For students whose focus is on competitive excellence, Invicta offers regular HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) fencing lessons, and Invicta’s instructor team is happy to offer targeted, professional, and insightful coaching to students who seek to compete.


For those who take an active interest in improving their own knowledge in a way that serves others and promotes further growth of the love of fencing and who are interested in learning to instruct, Invicta is committed to ensuring that those who wish to take the step of learning to teach historical swordplay are given that opportunity.

However our students find enjoyment in their fencing, Invicta’s owners, coaches and instructors are committed to doing the very best that we can to enable every individual to get whatever it is that they want out of their fencing in a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment.

Meet The Team

Invicta Fencing Academy’s coaches have a combined teaching experience of over 40 years, all geared towards ensuring that we provide the most professional and effective instruction for our students.

All Invicta Coaches are professionally accredited with the Australian College of Fencing Masters (ACFM). 

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