Exhibition Fencing

historical exhibition fencing and combat is designed to demonstrate the skill and perfection of technique rather than being competitively focussed on the scoring of points. At Invicta Fencing Academy, our Exhibition combat draws upon primarily Spanish and Italian sources dating from 1550 to 1630 and is taught within a martial arts style ranking system. This means that our students are guided through their learning by skilled, experienced instructors and introduced to more and more complex techniques throughout their fencing journey in a fun, safe environment.


Our exhibition fencing ranking system is loosely based upon that of the Company of Masters of the Science of Defence, who were the organisation of professional fencing masters operating in London during the time of Henry VIII.

White Sash of an Invicta Fencing Academy Novice in Exhibition Fencing


In addition to developing their skills with a rapier, our Novices also add the sidesword and the two-handed Greatsword to their repertoire of weapons.


At Scholar the new techniques that are introduced into all three weapons help our students to develop a sense of strategy and cunning in their fencing – how to manipulate an opponent so that you can put them right where you want them!

Green Sash of an Invicta Fencing Academy Free Scholar in Exhibition Fencing

Free Scholar

Here the combat starts to take on a more dynamic feeling as students learn more complex defences, attacks and styles of movement. The fencing bout has more give and take and the pace of the combat may start to increase as fencers range around their opponent looking for opportunities to show their skill

Blue Sash of an Invicta Fencing Academy Provost in Exhibition Fencing


By the time our students reach the Provost rank their knowledge and control over the three main weapons has developed enough for them to be introduced to companion weapons. While still adding to their repertoire of techniques in rapier, sidesword and greatsword, Provosts also learn how to fence with rapier & dagger, and sword & buckler.

Grey Sash of an Invicta Fencing Academy Senior Provost in Exhibition Fencing

Senior Provost

Our second-highest rank contains an expansive syllabus of extremely complex actions designed to equip our students to fence with beautiful, deadly precision in all of their weapons.

Black Sash of an Invicta Fencing Academy Perito De Armas in Exhibition Fencing

Perito De Armas

Invicta’s “black belt” level. Very few new techniques are taught at this rank, but students nevertheless have plenty of learning to do as they begin to experience a new challenge: applying everything that they have learnt to the discipline of case weapons: the use of two rapiers, or two sideswords at once. Students at this rank also learn how to fence in a bout of mixed weapons: sword & buckler vs rapier & dagger, rapier & dagger vs greatsword, case of rapier vs case of sidesword! Our Peritos also take on another supreme challenge: learning how to fence against multiple opponents – want to make sure you can defend yourself when you get cornered in an ally by three swordsman on a casual Friday night? Invicta has you covered!

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